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Visit the Wonderful Algeria: Camping in Assekrem

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Algeria is a city that appealed to a tourist destination. This place has a view that is saying to miss. A white fishing port juxtaposed with contrasting green hillsides and olive groves. The most amazing view is the Sahara Desert and the Hoggar Mountains. If you go to Algeria do not miss visiting Ghardaia. Spend a few nights here to enjoy the charm. A very religious old city surrounded by sand Sahara. On-site visits can be done by an official guide.

For visitors who like to camping, Assekrem is a promising facility in Algeria. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful evening in the middle stretch of mountains. What’s more, visitors can enjoy the sunrise at the top of the mountain. Fishing in Algeria is not a stranger. Fishing is a sacred thing. It is in the sense that the fish catch in Algeria is always fresh from the sea. Visitors can join the local residents to catch fish as the dinner menu. There are also fishing facilities offered by travel agents. Algeria has a beach that can be used for maritime activities. Visitors are offered a variety of water sports like sailing, surfing, snorkeling, and windsurfing. For more adrenalin activities scuba diving and kite surfing can also be done here.

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