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Tijuana – Known as the Westernmost City in Mexico: A simple image of Jai Alai, Tijuana

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Welcome to Tijuana. Tijuana is known as the largest city of the Mexican state of Baja California Peninsula. This city is precisely located on the U.S.-Mexico border adjacent to its sister city of San Diego, California. As the westernmost city in Mexico, Tijuana has been inhabited by 1,483,992 residents. Well, hopefully, the city of Tijuana could be your ideal choice to spend your long holiday. Bright atmosphere features the beauty of the city completed with excellent tourist attractions that visitor could enjoy. Follow us below.

A glance review of Tijuana based on en.wikipedia.org

“Tijuana is the largest city on the Baja California Peninsula and center of the Tijuana metropolitan area, part of the international San Diego–Tijuana metropolitan area. An industrial and financial center of Mexico, Tijuana exerts a strong influence on economics, education, culture, art, and politics. As the city has become a leading center in the country, so has the surrounding metropolitan area, a major industrial and paramount metropolis in northwestern Mexico. Currently one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico, Tijuana maintains global city status.”

Tijuana and its detail

What do you feel about Tijuana? Tijuana will give so much comfort. The city features a number of upscale tourist stops that you can visit any time based on schedule. The mood goes well as well as the locals who are very friendly. Semi-arid climate covers the entire city with the characteristics of the Dry-Summer Subtropical Mediterranean climate immediate to the north area. Tijuana has a diversity of shopping malls such as Plaza Río, Plaza Mundo Divertido, Plaza Monarca, Plaza Carrousel, and so forth. You can spoil your eyes by sighseeing the latest fashion in it. Just enjoy yourself in Tijuana.

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